TRANSFORMATION is not about how we look or where we come from

TRANSFORMATION is not about how we look or where we come from.

In a few days, we will cross to 2022, and I deemed it necessary to highlight how we can leverage our strengths, NOT weaknesses, to drive transformational #ClimateAction solutions starting with what we have.

Listen to my take on how we can change this herewith from

Transformation is not about how we look. It's about what we exist for. Are we doing what we live for? The purpose of life is to be useful. We must become useful and turn challenges into opportunities to touch many lives positively. Anything less than this is not transformation. Understanding challenges and devising solutions to solve them is transformational development. We must always push substance over form. That's how we can transform.

The fact that you have a voice to complain means that you have agency. Some people don't just have the opportunity to get information. So if you can complain, know that others don't even have the chance to complain. We must become excellent in whatever we do. We must make it a habit to be excellent. Steer off excuses and blame game.

We need excellence to drive transformational #ClimateAction #ClimatePreneurship

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