Life is about moving forward. The alternatives are deterioration and regression.

Life is about moving forward. The alternatives are deterioration and regression.

Consider these words "therefore, take no thought about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take thought about the things of itself. Sufficient to the day is the trouble thereof". This bible scripture in Mathew 6:34, like many others, is universally transforming to all.

Time and again, a question keeps popping up - how does one remain motivated, energetic, and upbeat despite not having all the answers to the many questions life throws at us? Or put, how does one keep themselves from being worn down, and drained, and by this, be able to maintain cutting edge performance always?

I have a few pointers to share:

First, learn to listen with an open mind and be true to yourself. In life, we are continuously learning and just like in a school setting, not all lessons may be palatable to us. But the way we win is by not dismissing these lessons that we may find unpleasant, but rather plug in, listen to them with an open mind, and ponder on them in our minds while being honest with ourselves. You will often find that what we need to move to the next step is hidden in these difficult lessons. So, take a break, listen, pounder honestly in your mind, learn, embrace, and apply even the complex tasks. Take such lessons even more seriously when they come from authentic people. Those who use what they say. The doers.

Second, take a day at a time. Each day must start with a "big thank-you" to the creator and giver of life. And as you say thank you, all that you should be thinking is – I will do my best in every task that will come my way. I will devote my full abilities to every job that comes my way. Do not think of "completing tasks" anyhow but prioritise doing your best in every task and applying your best in every lesson. In this way, you will find that you not only completed all tasks that needed to be done for the day but also accomplished them spectacularly. 

Third, have a clear vision. The simplest way to do this is to understand that life's only purpose is to be useful. And being valuable means doing that which touches many peoples lives, not self-indulgence. Once you know this, ask yourself – how can what I am doing now be recalibrated, realigned to be meaningful, impactful, useful to the many – all the way to our mothers in the villages. Once you do this, you have found your vision.  

Fourth, do not worry about tomorrow. Most people wear themselves out just by worrying about "what could happen". This is the most significant waste of energy and time that can creep into one's life. Rather than worrying, apply yourself to doing the best with what you are doing in the present. This is what will shape your tomorrow. This is what will pave your path. To get a picture, consider a road builder. They have the whole plan of what the product will look like, but along the way, there are many rocks to chip away, many bushes to clear. The main concern of a successful road builder is how best to chip the rocks and clear the bushes that stand in their way every day. That is how we end up with a road.

Fifth, always look back and appreciate the progress you have made. Every day, at the close of your day, don't just look back at what the day has been like, instead look back at how far you have come in life's journey to the present and then thank the creator purposefully and profusely. Rejuvenate yourself by thinking back with joy on the past hurdles you passed to get to where you are now. Then look forward with excitement at the possibilities that lie ahead with what you are yet to do, even if you may not have all the answers now.


Friends and comrades – life is about moving forward. If you think moving forward is too difficult, the only alternative is deterioration, which is not a choice any sane person takes, regardless of circumstances. Therefore, move forward motivated and energetic by putting these principles to full use.

Thank you.

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